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Dental Plastics

Established in 2000, our company specialise in the manufacture of Class I Dental disposable items, such as Dental mixing spatulas, Cement spoons & Dental cups.

Our company is CE accredited and complies with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Gian Photay
CEO & Founder

Punctual Delivery time

Manufacturing processes from start to finish are broken down into stages so you are aware of delivery time.

Team Of Professionals

From Designing to Logistics our team work hard to provide you the best possible service and product.

Smart Technology

Your ideas come to life using the latest manufacturing technologies.

Easy and Affordable

Competitive pricing structure to provide you with a cost effective product.

Innovative Products and Service for Construction Projects and Automative Service.

Market Sectors

Over 24 years experience & knowledge of international industrial systems, dedicated to provide the best economical solutions to our valued customers.

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Construction & Engineering

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Ship Building Industry

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Aero Space Services

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Automative System

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