Products We Prouduce

3ml cylinder bottles
7 finger shade guide ring
Bodies for capsules
Brush Heads
Brush Holders
Capsules for 3ml bottles -green
Capsules Red
Crystal Cups
Dental Brush Heads
Dental Brush Heads Loose Clear
Dental Mirrors
Dental Mirrors-Assorted Colours
Dental Mirrors-Blue
Dental Mirrors-Green
Dental Mirrors-Red
Dental Mirrors-White
Dental Mirrors-Yellow
Dentist Probes
Crown Insert Tool
Disposable Impression Trays
Disposable Instrument trays
Individual plastic teeth
Long Applicator Brushes
Lower posterior teeth
Lower Anterior teeth
Mixing Pads
Mixing Spatulas
Mixing Spatulas Alginate
Mixing spatulas loose
Nozzles in black for 3ml bottles
Nozzles in White for 3ml Bottles
Plastic Mixing Bowl
Plugs for 3ml Bottles
Pod + Lid Loose Beige Colour
Pod + Lid Loose Yellow Colour
Pot Lid-Yellow
Powder Scoops
Shade Guides-Carriers, Fingers, teeth
Tooth clock Blue with arms
Tooth clock Green with arms
Tooth clock White with arms
Tooth clock Yellow with arms
Upper Anterior teeth
Upper Posterior teeth
Water Measures